Government Initiatives Driving Kenyan Telecom

Government Initiatives Driving Kenyan Telecom

Government Initiatives Driving Kenyan Telecom

According to our research report “Kenya Telecom Sector Analysis”, Kenya is the third largest telecom market in the African continent, behind Nigeria and South Africa. The Kenyan ICT market is well poised to witness a technological explosion in future as the government is bracing itself to supply human resources, legal structures, finance and infrastructure so as to support ICT initiatives. Because of the government initiatives and various other factors, the Kenyan telecom market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during 2009-2013.

Our study reveals that the government is in the process of establishing technology parks in the country. Further, the government is planning to establish SEZs in the country’s capital (Nairobi). The Digital Village Project is an initiative undertaken by the Kenyan government in order to establish ICT centers across the country. This project will help connect even the remotest of the village by taking the ICT facilities to the people. Besides government initiatives, other forces that are fueling growth in the Kenyan telecom sector have been discussed in the report.

We have also found that with the rapidly improving mobile infrastructure and intensifying competition among mobile operators, the number of mobile subscribers in the country will grow at a double digit growth rate.

Our latest industry research “Kenya Telecom Sector Analysis” studies all the current industry trends and developments in the Kenyan telecom market. It will help our clients to better understand the market structure and its progress in the years to come. The report provides industry forecast on various telecom segments, including fixed-line subscribers and penetration, mobile subscribers and penetration, Internet users and broadband subscribers and penetration.

Besides, our report provides an in-depth analysis of the potential growth areas, telecom regulatory framework and factors that are making market attractive. Our study of the competitive landscape will give an unbiased picture of key players operating in the country.

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by: Shushmul Maheshwari