1. Ad-hoc Research and Consulting

  2. Syndicated Research (PGM – brand strength research FMCG, NRB – National Readership Survey)

  3. Data Gathering


Business Challenges That We Solve
We help our clients in 4 areas: strategy design on the basis of consumer insight, brand building and management, innovations, and market efficiency.

We offer advice with market strategy development,

Opportunity identification

  • Consumer insight in new markets
  • Concept development and testing

and help with the execution of strategies.

Trend detection

  • Communication development and testing
  • Satisfaction research
  • Mystery shopping


We have functional expertise in


Branding is critical to long-term success in East Africa Companies with strong brands in their home markets often struggle to position themselves well in East Africa and many ultimately fail to make the positive impact they had hoped for as their businesses develop because they do not position their brands in the way needed to win the hearts, minds and wallets of East African consumers.

Using cutting-edge consumer insights research and our knowledge of consumer trends across East Africa CI brand strategy experts work closely with clients to determine the most profitable core market to target and to think globally but act locally.

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Consumer Insights

Developing effective strategies across a range of marketing disciplines — including branding, pricing, segmentation, and marketing effectiveness — requires broad insights into consumers and their needs. Understanding the motivations, wants and needs of East Africa consumers is critical to success in East Africa.

Our starting point is a broad understanding of our client’s business and the particular business challenges at hand. We establish clear objectives that align with business realities and then determine which research approaches, designs, and analyses will generate the clearest, most useful insights for our client. Our consumer insight research ranges from in-depth qualitative observational studies to focus groups to major quantitative studies. In developing customer insights, we may also apply tailored, state-of-the-art processes to address specific issues, such as brand strategy. Once the research data is in hand, we begin the process of interpretation and synthesis. Our expertise, along with our familiarity with both the client’s business and the marketplace, enable us to cull the most actionable consumer insights from the data. We provide a tailored solution that directly addresses our client’s specific business objectives.

Marketing and Sales

Finding the right marketing message and communication strategy in East Africa is a delicate process. Many companies come to East Africa hoping to apply tried and true marketing strategy from their home office only to find that they do not have the same positive impact in East Africa because of the difference in the wants and needs of East African consumers.

When helping clients effectively target East African consumers, our Marketing and Sales practice focuses first on understanding the specific consumer demographic our client is trying to serve. Often these consumers can best be reached through use of traditional marketing approaches such as billboard, TV, and print advertising. However, these approaches sometimes do not have the strong effect that they have elsewhere and other more innovative methods are needed.

Our experts are adept at identifying and strategizing marketing approaches including online marketing, interactive marketing, and use of non-traditional ad space to spur consumer interest. We are also expert at understanding the differences in marketing needs for different consumer segments and across different regions. Through comprehensive tailored market research, in-depth discussion of consumer needs, and our understanding of marketing trends in East Africa we are able to develop an actionable strategy that clients can use to accurately target and attract the customers they need.


Product Innovation

CI product innovation practice helps companies identify and evaluate opportunities to develop new products and services to capitalize on the unmet demands of key accounts and consumers. Whether the client is a consumer products company looking to localize and meet demand for new products in East Africa or a company looking to fulfill unmet needs for B2B services, CI provides the market intelligence and strategy development necessary to identify and profit from these opportunities.

Growth Strategies

Detailed, well-planned strategy is key to successful growth in East Africa where consumer and business needs are rapidly evolving, and many areas remain uncharted territory. Our goal is to help clients navigate the East African markets and identify opportunities they can leverage to build their business.

CI works with domestic and international companies to build strategies for long-term, sustainable growth. We take a comprehensive approach to developing growth strategy, evaluating clients? Strengths, market characteristics, competitor strengths and weaknesses and relevant government regulations in order to map out the most profitable strategy for our foreign clients as they grow in East Africa and as we help