Quality Control In Field


Training and Briefings:

Thorough briefing of methodology and questionnaire is followed up by mock interviews and trial calls


15% of interviews are accompanied by the supervisor, i.e. conducted under his/her supervision for both CAPI and PAPI


Both supervisors and back-checkers will back-check 15% of the  interviews

Rigorous Enforcement:

Fraudulent interviewers will be dismissed and reported to the project manager; all their interviews will be pulled out and discarded

100% Editing:

At the end of each day, for PAPI supervisors will edit all interviews conducted that day; incomplete questionnaires will be returned to the interviewer for completion and if the interviewer repeats the same mistake after being corrected by the supervisor, they will be dismissed.

At the end of fieldwork, editors of the Data Punching team will carry out plausibility checks on all questionnaires; questionnaires found wanting will not be captured and such questionnaires will be redone immediately.